wendyramirez_150x150Wendy Ramirez
Director, West Coast Regional Office
Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp


150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite G-250
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: 628-600-8690
Mobile: 415-847-6384
Fax: 615-244-6278

Previous Background
San Francisco Travel Association, San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau (currently SF Travel Assn), Omni Hotels San Francisco

San Francisco State University


Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a city known for its deep rooted camaraderie within the hospitality community, central location, amazing accommodations, authenticity and of course music!  Without music, meetings are just a lot of talk!  With more than 100 live music venues, over 80 record labels, 180 recording studios and 130 music publishers, meetings are a unique experience in Nashville! The youthful vibe Music City exudes is intoxicating and weaves a magic that wheels you in. A genuine geographic bull’s-eye, Nashville is perfectly positioned to draw people together.

Nashville is located within 600 miles of 50% of US population!  BNA offers approximately 380 daily arrivals with 92 direct service and expanding. In the past 14 months, Nashville International Airport has added additional nonstop flights to 18 destinations, most recently San Francisco & Phoenix in 2016!  BNA is served by all major airlines bringing 18 million visitors to the destination annually. With over 37,000 hotel rooms in the city offering options from an under-one-roof resort to an urban walking campus or five star/five diamond boutique property, we can find you the perfect fit.  One more thing, TN is a “Right to Work” state as well! Long viewed as the heart and home of country music, Nashville’s music scene covers all genres of music. Nashville is Music City, named “Best Music Scene”, by Rolling Stone. Dig into the unique experience of our songwriting community, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, Music Row to Capitol Hill and so much more!

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